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Key Advantages and Differentiation


Creating the new artwork based on customer expectation


Plastic Parts Products are checked throughout the producing process


Reliable Supplier of CNC machining parts China, Lower Material Cost


Take care of the documentation related workload

Buy CNC Machining Parts from Genuine Plastic Parts Manufacturers of China!

Find best quality China CNC machining parts, and Precision Machinery Plastic Parts from one of the leading manufacturers of China – Ningbo Showwell International Trading Co., Ltd. We offer design, analysis, assembly, testing and production of CNC machining parts, Plastic Parts, gear and gear products, die casting mold and parts, and so on.

Being the leading Plastic Parts manufactures of China, we are capable to deliver all types of CNC machining parts China within short notice after receiving the order. We have very advanced technology equipment to manufacture plastic precision machinery parts using stream-lined machining process. As the leading CNC machining parts manufacturer, we produce best quality plastic CNC machining parts at the lowest price to our customer all over the world.

We are your one-stop solution for the most precise and economical gear shafts on the market! We are one of the top plastic parts manufacturers specialize both in Injection Molded Gears and the production of Plastic Gear Design. We are also one of the top Manufacturers of Custom Industrial Gears, Spur Gears, Geared Shafts, Die Casting Molds, and other CNC machining parts in China.

We can save you 10-15% off your existing manufacturing costs, giving you a highly competitive price without compromising on the products quality.

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