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Advantages & Disadvantages of Die Casting -

Advantages & Disadvantages of Die Casting

On May 4th 2018 by admin

The die casting is a most common, yet a most important industrial process which plays a crucial role in the manufacturing of products. There are different casting processes; one is totally different from other in terms of its manufacturing method, and other key criteria’s.

The process depends on the type of chosen material. The solidified steel shape is equipped for making somewhere in the range of 150,000 shots to over a million shots previously it would be repaired or supplanted.

Though it’s a very popular and critical industrial process, yet it has some advantages and disadvantages, so let’s throw light on advantages and disadvantages of die casting process.

Advantages of Die Casting

  • It doesn’t demand much space floor if we compare it to other casting processes.
  • It has a high rate of production around 75 to 150 casts for each hour in cold chamber and 300 to 350 casts each hour in hot.
  • This process is able to retain its accuracy for a very long time.
  • This process also obtains best high surface finish without any further finishing required.
  • The die casting parts are produced at high rates of production, and it doesn’t require any machining.
  • It offers durable parts which are dimensionally stable, and possess the best
  • The casting dies is able to produce around massive identical castings inside determined resistances previously extra tooling might be required.
  • Die castings can be delivered with surfaces recreating a wide assortment of surfaces.
  • Die casting surfaces, as cast, are smoother than most different types of giving such a role as sand, casting mold, and venture forms.
  • Die castings can be delivered with more slender dividers than those reachable by other throwing strategies and significantly more grounded than plastic infusion moldings with similar measurements.

Disadvantages of Die Casting

  • All metals and alloys cannot be cast
  • Heavy casting cannot be cast
  • The expense of used machines dies, and other equipment is very high
  • Not temperate for little amount generation
  • Exceptional safety measures are vital for the departure of air from kick the bucket pit, generally, cause porosity.

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