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How to Reduce the Cost of Manufacturing CNC Parts? -

How to Reduce the Cost of Manufacturing CNC Parts?

On May 24th 2018 by admin

In this transforming printing industry, development of top-notch custom parts has become possible with the amalgamation of traditional manufacturing methods merged with innovative technologies of the modern times. Unknown to some, what exactly are CNC parts? CNC parts are created deploying the latest technologies and eradicating material via high speed robotic machines that uses a variety of cutting techniques to come up with the final and highly efficient end product.

Whether you are in the initial stage of business or looking to opt for mass-production, minimizing the manufacturing cost is the foremost concern of any business operating in this global business market. As a matter of fact, cutting down the price of the parts impacts the final pricing largely. A number of tips are presented in this article which you can use to cut down the costs of manufacturing CNC machined parts, simultaneously fulfilling the requirements of the design.

Actionable Guidelines to Help You Minimize the Cost of CNC Machined Parts

  • Restrict the depth

Removing depths of cavities consume a lot of time as a lot of material has to be removed and also alleviates the cost to a greater extent.  To reduce cost considerably, the key is to limit the depth of the captivity to 4x their length (the largest dimension present on the XY axis).

Increase the thickness of walls unless bounded by weight restrictions, keeping the walls solid and thick accounts for more stability and results in low costs to the machine. The key to minimize the costs incurred is to design the metal walls thicker than 0.8mm and the plastic parts thicker than 1.5mm.

  • Restrict the thread’s length

Threads, longer than required, tends to increase the cost of the CNC parts as a special tool may be required to handle them. Designing the thread to 3 times the length to the hole of the diameter can help to reduce the cost of manufacturing.

  • Design holes deploying the standard size criteria

Holes in CNC parts can be machined quickly and precisely if the hole is of the standard size. For non-standard sizes, another special machine will be deployed, thereby, increasing the cost. Also, limiting the depth of the hole also reduces the cost of manufacturing.

Conclusively, keeping the process simple and less complex reduces the cost. Geometrics requiring different tools, machines, various setups or unique materials will cost considerably more. To operate a business successfully, it is wise to keep a vigilant eye on the costs of manufacturing and reduce them wherever possible to come up with a product that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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