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Top ways to Save on CNC Machining -

Top ways to Save on CNC Machining

On July 10th 2018 by admin

Are you also looking for some quick manufacturing ticks that can help you lower the cost of your components, and could also consume your less time?

Yes, we got what you need! We’ve collected some top way to save on CNC machining which we’re going to share with you all.

How to save on CNC machining?

· Internal corner radii

Always keep in mind that most tools require a radius of t least 8x, in the depth of the pocket, which means that if its 10 inches deep, you’ll need a one and half inch tool. Therefore, ¾ inch radius you can add in a radius that fit the bill of being 8 times the depth.

However, if you don’t need a small radius for your form fit and function. The larger the radii, the faster this part can be a machine. The best cost-saving tip I could give you is, plan the radii as vast as could reasonably be expected.

·  The thickness of the wall

Once you get to a certain thickness on each material, it becomes much harder to the machine. The thin walls create issues like chatter or breakage; to avoid these issues, the parts must be machined slowly

Saving tip – design the walls as thick s possible

· Drilled & tapped holes

The people will drill a hole all the way through, or drill really deep and then they’ll tap it the whole depth of the whole. Not necessary the opportunity to reduce the cycle time, and cost of the part comes from the fact that six threads are just the strongest 23

·  Tight tolerances

What you need for this part is something that is supposed to press fit indeed. Make it a 5/10 tolerance; however, it’s something that just fits in here.

There is no reason to call out of one thousandth or 5/10 tolerance on the dimension, it’s just going to cost you more money. Also, it’ll take longer to make the part

·  Materials

If you are prototyping, but even for production, think about the part in what you need to add material, is it non-magnetic, stainless. If you need stainless material then, consider the form, fit, and function of the part.

Not all parts require materials with special attributes. However, aluminum is often the most easily machined, and the most cost effective material.

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